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Provision of Integrated Computational Approaches for Addressing New Markets Goals for the Introduction of Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design Chemicals and Materials

Project description

Designing safe, sustainable chemicals and materials

To position Europe as the world’s first sustainable digital economy, the adoption of Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design materials and chemicals (AdMas&Chems) is important. The EU-funded PINK project introduces an open innovation platform for the industry, offering computational approaches for AdMas&Chems development, safety assessment, and AI techniques for data searches. The project translates industrial requirements and market demands into decision support and addresses training needs. It culminates in an integrated PINKISH Platform, providing decision support through data visualisation and Generative AI technologies, while also developing an advanced Interoperability Framework for equitable information exchange. It also ensures that data, models, workflows, and software are FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) and publicly available.


Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design materials and chemicals (AdMas&Chems) are a central requirement for reaching the ambitious goal of making Europe the first digitally-enabled circular, climate-neutral and sustainable economy. PINK will provide an open innovation platform supporting industry by:
INNOVATE new computational approaches for AdMas&Chems development and for assessing their safety and sustainability performances by (a) integrating data and predictive models and (b) complement them with new AI techniques for data searches.
INTEGRATE these into a computational SSbD Framework by translating industrial requirements and new market demands into decision support as well as training and skill development needs.
PROVIDE an integrated platform, the PINKISH Platform, providing decision support based on advanced data visualisation and Generative AI technologies based on all generated data.
FAIRIFY the information exchange along the value-chain and life cycle of AdMas&Chems by developing an advanced Interoperability Framework, sharing the corresponding approaches and FAIR tools with the communities, and making data, models, workflows and software FAIR and whenever possible publicly available.
VALIDATE the newly developed PINK models and software as well as the PINKISH platform on two Developmental Case-Studies.
BOOST the innovation capacity of industry in general, and that of SMEs in particular, by making all PINK innovations accessible, promoting the cost-effective tools, further demonstrate these in a number of Industrial Demonstrators, and encouraging their sharing and use through dedicated training and skills-development. This will be the starting point for implementing a business plan for commercialisation and long-term sustainability of the platform.
The PINK Project will run for 48 months. It is organised in 6 work packages (WPs) representing the tasks above, 1 WP for initiating community outreach (REFINE) and 3 coordination and dissemination WPs.


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