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Improvements in Specification, Design, and Test of Software for Industrial and Automotive Controllers


Micro controllers for industrial and automotive use have to solve complex problems in real time, with high efficiency and robustness. The limited resources of the target system (memory, display, interface, space) request a high degree of optimisation) in program size and execution time. Faulty or incorrectly specified software incurs high cost and danger potential within the target system.

STATEMATE, a program package for graphically designing software, especially for reactive systems, appears to be well suited to assist in specification, prototyping, design and functional testing of industrial controller software. Its capability of simulating asynchronous processes enables it to detect non deterministic behaviour already in early phases of software design. As an interesting aspect, regarding industrial controller systems, it offers the possibility to generate VHDL(Very high scale integration circuit Hardware Description Language)-code for the design of ASlCs, to implement critical parts of the designed logic into hardware.

This application experiment, to be performed by departments of GETRAG and Mannesmann Rexroth Pneumatik, located at the St.Georgen Technology Centre, aims at evaluation of STATEMATE with respect to its potential of reducing the planning and development time as well as the enhancement of robustness of micro controller software. Software examples will be taken from two different environments: a) gear box and clutch control, 80196, C-code; b) robot axis positioning control, 80186, assembler code.

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