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Domain Analysis for Early Reuse and Evolution


Objective: our overall objective is to experiment domain engineering practices for increasing the potential reuse and evolution of similar software systems.

To achieve this objective we are specifically concerned with domain analysis & modelling activities and object oriented technology support. DARE aims at experimenting:

* Domain analysis and modelling process; our objective is to experiment new practice aiming at providing domain oriented requirements specification (e.g. domain model) and domain oriented architecture (e.g. generic architecture) from which multiple projects are expected to benefit.

* Utilisation of domain analysis results; our objective is to experiment the utilisation of domain analysis results throughout the total software development life-cycle. Particular emphasis is put on the interface between domain analysis,on one hand, and requirement analysis and architectural design on the other hand. We aim also at experimenting the utilisation of domain analysis results for developing domain oriented implementation particularly reusable components.

* Object oriented technology; our objective is to asses the impact of using OMT (Object Modelling Technique) an object oriented method supported by appropriate tool. as a support for domain analysis and in the development cycle.

The development of control systems in the space area is the underlying baseline of our application experiments.

DARE aims at evaluating the software engineering practice and process maturity improvement by introducing domain analysis and object oriented technology.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


Matra Marconi Space France
31 Rue Des Cosmonautes Zone Industrielle Du Palays
31077 Toulouse

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