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Geographical Information Systems on O2


The objective of the GISMO project is the evaluation of Object Data Base Management Systems (ODBMS) used together with an Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) approach in the area of Geographical Information System (GIS) applications.

3IG is a vendor of a GIS development environment named URIAH. The main customers are the French administration, defence and the industry. Currently, all developments are done by 3IG's software engineers in (using traditional development methods. URIAH runs on the widely used relational data base management systems (Oracle, Ingres, Informix, ...).

By using an ODBMS instead of these relational database engines, the 'object to relational' mapping of URIAH will be replaced by a more natural 'object to object' mapping. The implementation will be done in C++. The resulting software will be easier to maintain, easier to tune and to modify.

A significant effort will be dedicated to the definition, in the OOAD framework, of a generic model and of a benchmark which are representative of geographical applications. The benefits of the resulting software will be measured against this benchmark.

The GISMO project is the opportunity for 3IGs developers group to learn using object oriented design and development technology which is expected to increase efficiency of the software engineers and the quality and flexibility of the development.

The evaluation of this experience, compared to the current practice, will provide convincing information and push the general use of OO(Object Oriented) technology at 31G.

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