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New Integrated CASE Environments For Space


The main objective of NICE SPACE is to investigate the advantages provided by an integrated approach like the one proposed by CONCERTO, with the main goal of making the normal software development process carried out in both companies more competitive in the space and defence sectors.

As a second objective, the evaluation of different specific tools of the system such as the HOOD tool, the Ada generation, the integration with the SADT commercial tools, the Documentation tool, integrating into space standards all items created and managed in a space software project by the Configurator tool.

Support tractability of components will also be carefully studied and the Ada syntactic editor, to improve the Ada coding phase, will also be tested.

These objectives will be achieved by installing, learning, using and evaluating the system in two real applications in the space and defence sectors for the two companies involved in the project, which are very representative of the sectors in Spain and Europe.

An associated objective to this pilot experiment is the reduction of the time spent and costs, and the increase in the quality achieved, in the development of the software to be done in the pilot applications selected by the companies.

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