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The objective of the Application Experiment is to improve the process of requirements analysis and specification, typically by 15%. It is well known that these early stages can heavily influence the success and profitability of any project. The objective will be addressed by the introduction of appropriate methods and tools within a general semi-formal framework for process improvement.

The technologies to be used for the Application Experiment are (i) system modelling through executable specifications and (ii) functional prototyping - both supported by the FORESIGHT tool kit. Rapid prototyping of user interfaces is an established approach, but functional prototyping of the kind involved here is less usual.

FORESIGHT was chosen as the appropriate tool kit for REQUITE because it offers greater expressiveness and a more user-friendly MMI (man-machine interface) than comparable tools. These two characteristics potentially provide for more efficient, comprehensive and effective Requirements Analysis than rival tools can provide.

One of the participants (DATACEP) will also evaluate STATEMATE within the context of the OMT methodology. See Appendix A for a comparison of STATEMATE and FORESIGHT
The semi-formal framework for process improvement is one based on process modelling. and the identification of best and current practice. Referred to as PIP (Process Improvement Process), this framework was derived in a project partly funded by the UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and applied previously to the Maintenance phase of the systems life cycle. Its application here will assist the quantitative assessment of the new technologies and will promote transferability of the results.

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