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Beyond the Standards : Process Modelling


The objective of this experiment is to assess the possible positive impact that the use of the emerging software process modeling and support techniques can have in an organisation like INTECS Sistemi, with respect to software quality, productivity and overall acceptance in both software development teams and management.

The experiment is aimed at assessing application of process modeling technology to an industrial software development project by overcoming the limitation and troubles incurred by the use of traditional natural language based software development standards.

The project on which the experiment will be applied is concerned with the development of the communication software for an avionics Guidance, Navigation and Control computer.

The application experiment will be centred around the use of a process modeling tool, PROCESS WEAVER by Cap Gemini Innovation.

The focus of the assessment will be on three main items:

1. maturity of the process modeling technology and corresponding support tools
2. ease of migration from the use of traditional standards to process supported software development
3. managers and engineers acceptance/resistance to tools enforcing or guiding the process.

In case of a successful experiment this technology will be disseminated to other projects/divisions and disseminated to the customers INTECS Sistemi is working for (MATRA, Alenia, etc.) and to the European Space Agency.

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