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Single-spin electron resonance

Final Activity Report Summary - SSER-ISH (Single-spin electron resonance)

The tasks for physics as a science are to understand and get control over natural phenomena. As an example, electric current is well understood and people have a good control over flow of charges. Nevertheless, manipulation and control of individual single charges and spins is still a big task for scientists.

The goal of this project was to improve our understanding and ability for manipulation of single charges and single spins. In order to design quantum states with charge and spin degrees of freedom we combined the advantages of as-grown semiconducting nano-wires with the potential of lithographic techniques to fabricate controlled nanosystems, namely tuneable indium arsenide (InAs) quantum dots.

We demonstrated the possibility to locate individual single charges in these systems. We also demonstrated that charge flow through such systems depended on the spins of each individual electron participating in the transport, known as Pauli spin-blockade. Moreover, we studied in detail the interactions of electron spins with the environment, focusing on the interaction with and dynamic polarisation of nuclear spins and the interaction with crystal lattice and device geometry via, for example, spin-orbit interaction. These studies resulted in understanding of spin relaxation mechanisms and spin state mixing. The experiments on manipulation of individual electrons and their spins by electric field via spin-orbit interaction were performed after the initial project completion.