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A 3D imaging system for real time fetal cardiac analysis.


This research program aims to remove the problems of acquiring a clear and accurate 3D dynamic image of the fetal heart during pregnancy. If successful then this will be a diagnostic research instrument that is a world leader in fetal care. This research p roject is only possible by combining the complementary skills of both the fellow (who is a leading industrial expert on real time systems) and the international expertise in medical instrumentation of the host institution, The University of Nottingham. Thi s work has the following major issues that will be addressed on the succesfull outcome of this project: 1. Provision of the fellow to receive a first class research laboratory based training and career development; 2. A European developed diagnosti c research system for fetal congenital heart disease; 3. Positioning Europe as a world leader in the antenatal care market by the development of a clear model of the anatomical development of the fetal heart thereby protecting the health of the community; 4. A multidisciplinary and multisectoral training program via the existing research collaboration at the University of Nottingham. The key deliverables of this project are: (i) Deliver research laboratory system for generating simultaneous real time fetal trigger; (ii) Research laboratory outcome on the generation of a simultaneous real time fetal trigger; (iii) Research laboratory experimental results of fetal trigger with 2D echocardiography; (iv) Research laboratory experimental results of fetal trigger with 3D echocardiography; (v) Publication in research journals; (vi) Submit a follow-up EU STREP (or similar) research proposal.

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