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Design study of next generation pulsed magnet user facilities

Final Report Summary - DeNUF (Design study of next generation pulsed magnet user facilities)

The main goal of the 'Design study for next generation pulsed field magnet user facilities' (DeNUF) project was to improve the performance and the reliability of pulsed magnetic field coils in user facilities, in order to better serve the user community. In order to realise these aims, the project was structured into five different, but interrelated work packages.

High magnetic fields are one of the most powerful tools available to scientists for the study, modification and control of matter. Access to magnetic fields, significantly more intense than those currently available, would have a profound impact across a wide range of disciplines.

All results obtained by the DeNUF partners are in the public domain. They can be found on the DeNUF website, and have been or will be published in the open literature. The improved performance of the pulsed field facilities is now available to all qualified European users through the Transnational Access program of EuroMagNET2,