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Renewable energy certificates as instrument to monitor and stimulate RE development in Russia


Russia has huge resources for the use of renewable energy (RE). Decision makers are willing to exploit it. Their interest is driven by the need to diversify the supply of energy and to protect the environment. The Government is preparing a strategy for the stimulation of RES, together with the EC, World Bank, GEF and UNESCO to plan the quantities for renewable energy use in the future. They need for these targets a monitoring and a market instrument. Monitoring is needed to follow the development, a marketi ng instrument is necessary to stimulate it. (Tradable) Renewable Energy Certificates [TRECs] can do both at the same time. Therefore, a group of Russian stakeholders from Government, research and business provided excellent co-operation during the Treckin project (Tradable Renewable Energy Certificate Knowledge & Initiatives Network), sponsored by the European Commission under the Fifth Framework Programme (till Dec 2003). They played a unique role in a combined action of theory and practice, helping wi th the writing of a Guidance Package for a Russian green certificate system and participating in the Pilot Transaction of Green Certificates from Russian RE producers to W-European consumers. High officials expressed the need for further help in the follo wing areas: - Training for decision makers; - Workshops to adapt the certificate system to Russian conditions; - Actions to harmonise the Russian certificate system to the W-European market and cooperate; - Study of the possibility to use TRECs as an "adap tor" between RE and JI (Kyoto) or to use TRECs directly; - Heat certification (in addition to the well known certification of electrical energy). Expected benefits of the actions: - Double instrument to reach Russian RE targets; - Market expansion for W-European RET and other economic & scientific cooperation; - Easier reaching W-European RE (and Kyoto) targets; - Better access to energy services in many remote areas in the RF;

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