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Development of Best Practices and Identification of Breakthrough Technologies in Automotive Engineering Simulation


Major organisations in the European automotive industry have seen substantial benefit from the integration of modelling and simulation into their design process. Today, there is a need for more widespread adoption of engineering simulation throughout the supply chain. At the same time, technology is being developed that offers the potential to reach a new generation of advanced applications.A number of key issues are currently holding these developments back, including: A lack of sufficiently skilled personnel and inefficiencies in their use. Smaller organisations not being ready or able to deploy the technology. Limits to the confidence placed on the reliability of analytical results. Suppliers using different procedures when supplying to different companies. Researchers needing a coordinated industrial view on priorities for the development of breakthrough technologies. AUTOSIM will establish an international team of leading experts representing much of the European automotive industry. They will develop a preliminary set of Best Practice Guidelines, standard analytical procedures and research strategies. They will then consult with the wider automotive industry to gain feedback on the preliminary documents and establish credibility of the final documents.Final authoritative versions of these Best Practice Guidelines, standard analytical procedures and research strategies will be delivered and widely disseminated. Their adoption throughout the industry will: Increase the efficiency and improve the quality of simulation. Increase the efficiency of the supply chain. Enable simulation to be practiced more effectively by a broad range of personnel. Coordinate ongoing research by providing a focused set of priorities. Assist industry to plan its future implementation strategy for simulation. With these actions, AUTOSIM will contribute substantially to advancing design techniques in the European automotive industry.

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