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Oberwolfach 2005: Stochastics, Discrete Mathematics, Geometry, Topology, and Applications

Final Activity Report Summary - OBERWOLFACH 05 (Oberwolfach 2005: Stochastics, Discrete Mathematics, Geometry, Topology, and Applications)

The Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach (MFO) is one of the leading mathematical research centres worldwide. It organises weekly high-level international conferences in all fields of mathematics and its applications. A central aim of these conferences is to bring together the top experts for presenting most recent developments and discussing and initialising further research. Many important developments in mathematics originated from these workshops and almost all relevant mathematical results were presented here and discussed by the leading experts.

The funded project within the action Marie Curie Conferences and Training Courses, has comprised three coherent series of 18 conferences at the MFO in 2005. The first series consists of 6 conferences which are strongly connected to the theory of probability and its related fields, the second series consists of 7 conferences on discrete mathematics and relations to computer science, and the third series concerns 5 conferences on geometry, topology, and applications to quantum physics. There are many thematic connections and some overlap between the participants of the events in a series. The topics covered by these events are not only highly relevant in the international mathematical research, but also have very strong impact in applications to science and technology. These conferences highlight particular European research achievements and interests. For example, they play an important role in the following thematic areas of FP6: 1. Life sciences, genomics and biotechnology for health, 2. Information society technologies, and 6. Sustainable development, global change and ecosystems.

The MFO strongly promotes new and intensive contacts between the participants during the weekly conferences and training courses. Conferences at Oberwolfach are workshops with the objective of informing the participants about the present state of research and initialising new research. Participation of young scientists to the conferences gives them the possibility to benefit in an early stage of their career from the chances to meet top senior scientists from all over the world. By the grant of the European Commission, the MFO was able to support 362 eligible event participants of these conferences, most of them younger researchers, coming from all over the world to Oberwolfach.

The MFO and the organisers of the funded conferences would like to thank the European Union cordially for this important support of mathematical research in Europe.