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Composite and Adaptive Structures : Simulation, Experimentation and Modelling


In many industrial and defence applications, noise and vibration are important problems. Control of sound and vibration has been and is always the subject of a lot of research in recent years, and examples of applications are now numerous. The three most common classifications of vibration control are: (1) passive; (2) active and (3) hybrid passive-active control. Passive control involves the use of reactive or resistive devices that either load the transmission path of the disturbing vibration or absor b vibratory energy. Active control also loads the transmission path but achieves this loading through the use of actuators that generally require external energy. Hybrid control integrates passive approach with an active control structure. The hybrid app roach is intended to reduce the amount of external power necessary to achieve control. In passive control, the material properties of structure such as damping and stiffness are modified so as to change the response of structure. In active control, the s tructural response is controlled by adding external effort to the structure. The principal aim of this FP6 STREP project is developing a vibration control technology to enable higher performance, less energy consuming and lighter weight structural sys tems. Vibration control technology involves reducing detrimental vibration in flexible structures by active and passive procedures. The project goal is to define the "best" models and techniques permitting to model, simulate, and validate the new develop ment for a more efficient vibration control. The final research action will be devoted to a full scale testing of the obtained numerical and laboratory results. The development of vibration control systems will allow to extend the areas of application of multi-functional composite materials based on the advanced knowledge of vibration response.

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