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Composite and Adaptive Structures : Simulation, Experimentation and Modelling

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Controlling noise and vibration for better applications

Noise and vibration are significant problems that have attracted research aimed at improving a variety of industrial and defence applications. The three most common classifications of vibration control are passive, active and hybrid passive-active control.

Industrial Technologies

The 'Composite and adaptive structures: simulation, experimentation and modelling' (Cassem) project worked to develop a vibration control technology capable of enabling higher performance, less energy-consuming and lighter weight structural systems. The EU-funded project aimed to define the most appropriate models and techniques that would allow for modelling, simulating and validating new development for more efficient vibration control. Project partners created a database on the mechanical properties of multilayered composite materials, piezoelectric and viscoelastic materials' parameters, and the mathematical and experimental methods employed. The work covers development, testing and validation of materials testing methods on the strength of a large range of sample materials. Cassem team members used an inverse and direct approach to determine viscoelastic and piezoelectric material properties, which are critical for the performance of passive and hybrid vibration control systems. They also developed different identification techniques, and tested and applied them for characterisation of advanced composite material properties. The development of a virtual communication platform allowed partners to communicate and coordinate their activities, and exchange information. Advanced knowledge of vibration response and application of optimised vibration control systems can be extended to operations using multifunctional composite materials for better industrial processes.

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