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Novel functional polymer materials for MEMS and NEMS applications


The goal of NOVOPOLY is the development of new functional materials for pplications in the fields of micro- and nano- systems technology (MEMS and NEMS). Starting point of the proposal is the need to add functionality to existing photostructurable polyme rs like SU-8 and overcome the current limitations of these systems with respect to mechanical, electrical conductivity and high temperature stability properties. The breakthrough will be the development of novel materials concepts that can meet these ch allenges. Two approaches will be explored: (i) functionalization of photostructurable polymers (organic) with metal nanoparticles (inorganic), and (ii) the development of novel ceramics from organic-inorganic hybrid precursors. The project focuses on mat erials design and synthesis, but it also includes processing and structuring issues, and feasibility studies for a few targeted applications. The main output of the project will be polymers and polymer related materials with properties like conductivity, piezoresistivity, Youngs modulus and hardness. These materials will serve as the base for the fabrication of sensors based on micromechanical structures and nanoprobes for biomedical applications as well as for scanning probe microscopy . At the end o f the project, a toolbox of materials and processing methods will be available, which will have a considerable impact in the fields of MEMS and NEMS (reduction of cost, simplicity of fabrication and enhanced properties). The consortium unites expertise i n polymer chemistry, nanocrystal synthesis, device design and characterization, submicron technology, and manufacturers of new biosensors and SPM probes. NOVOPOLY involves high risks and embryonic research, and combines breakthrough strategies in materia ls and processing (ink-jet dispensing) with more conventional methods. The knowledge of three SMEs has been incorporated to define specifications and ensure a clear exploitation.


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