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Contenido archivado el 2024-05-29

Novel functional polymer materials for MEMS and NEMS applications

Final Report Summary - NOVOPOLY (Novel functional polymer materials for MEMS and NEMS applications)

The goal of NOVOPOLY was the development of a new class of functional materials for targeted applications in the fields of micro- and nano- systems technology (MEMS and NEMS). Starting point of the proposal is the need to add functionality to existing photostructurable polymers (in particular SU-8) and the limitations of these systems with respect to their mechanical and electrical properties, as well as to high temperature stability. The novel objective of NOVOPOLY was to increase functionality of the materials while maintaining their excellent micro-patterning capabilities.

New materials require new and adapted methods of processing and micro-patterning. The availability of these methods was fundamental to the final goal of NOVOPOLY. This is the reason why a parallel objective in NOVOPOLY was the development, improvement and innovation of patterning and structuring methods for materials of interest in the field of MEMS and NEMS.

In consequence, standard / innovative methods were adapted / developed to the specific requirements of the new materials. The new set of materials and processes will enable a large variety of applications in the areas of MEMS and NEMS. In NOVOPOLY, we proposed to demonstrate and validate our approach by two defined applications:
(i) functional AFM probes with improved material properties (hardness) and with integrated sensor capabilities (conductivity, piezoresistivity);
(ii) Functional cantilever biosensors with integrated read-out, improved sensitivity and simpler fabrication, with applications in the environmental and biomedical fields.