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Regional innovation strategy for Pomerania region


At the end of 2004 there was finished the project: Basic Regional Innovation Strategy for Pomerania Region (RIS-P). The Strategy was approved by the Regional Parliament at December 2004.

The Basic RIS-P project was financed domestically by the Polish Scientific Committee, Self-government of Pomorskie Voivodeship and other regional institutions involved. Now, the Basic RIS-P is being implemented by a project named: RIS-P Implementation Office (BW RIS-P). The focus of these initial projects has been relatively narrow and is therefore more akin to a traditional technology transfer strategy than the by now commonly accepted EU RIS methodology.

Therefore the RIS process for Pomerania will add considerable value to strengthening innovation capacity in the region and will build on elements of previous work conducted through the work financed by the Polish Scientific Committee and the Self-government.

The Regional Innovation Strategy for Pomerania region is an exciting initiative in that for the first time it will bring together all the key partners in the region, key partners from other EU regions and work together on a common framework for the region. This framework will not only enable the Pomerania region to increase its innovative capacity, but also provide quality input into the programming of structural fund programmes beyond 2007.

The strategic objectives of the RISP project is to extend and upgrade the regional innovation strategy for the Pomerania Region in line with the EU RIS methodology and experience of partner regions and on these basis further develop the regional innovation system with the aim of supporting innovativeness, technology transfer and SMEs creation and functioning.

Such a system should consist of the innovation and business support institutions spread across the region and it is one of the key tasks for the regional authorities - the main partner in this project - to stimulate their development.

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