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Processing of nanostructured materials through metastable transformations

Final Report Summary - NAMAMET (Processing of NAnostructured MAterials through MEtastable Transformations)

The NAMAMET project can play an important role in the growth of knowledge and produced mainly basic information, fundamental to widen the knowledge in nanomaterials and nanoscience fields. The kind of activity and the particular composition of the project consortium, formed by partners deeply concerned in the use of knowledge and research results, has assured during the overall duration a high-level of exploitation and dissemination activities.

The purpose of the project was the development of nanostructured materials through an innovative approach based on metastable transformations in some selected systems. The basic idea proposed by the project was the use of metastable processing through plasma spray and combustion processes for the synthesis of a broad class of nanostructured materials. The synthesis of the investigated materials was successfully obtained by means of high temperature processes like Air plasma spray (APS) and Self-propagating high- temperature synthesis (SHS), followed by rapid quenching in order to achieve metastability.

The consortium intends to evaluate the possible products that can be commercialised. At present, commercial contacts have been taken with industries interested in the commercialisation. This action will be further investigated after the end of the NAMAMET project. Commercial partners have been recognised, and the transfer of non-exclusive licences will be evaluated, as well as the creation of possible joint-ventures to be set up after the end of the project. The exploitable results achieved during the project are mainly constituted by the developed nanostructured materials in the form of powders, bulk composites and coatings.

A project website (please see online) was managed and updated by the coordinator POLITO (responsible E. Tresso). The section with access restricted to the project contractors was used in order to effectively exchange documentations and communications among the partners, and was periodically updated with the main outcomes and decisions derived from the various project meetings. A public section of the website was designed at the end of the second year in order to disseminate the most interesting scientific, technological and dissemination results.

Regarding the publication activity, many papers and contributions were prepared in collaboration between two or more partners as a result of the good cooperation and integration of the participants within the project Consortium. Furthermore, most of the conferences and congresses were of international level, with audience size of more than 1000 participants. The first period (2004 - 2006) of the NAMAMET project was mostly devoted to participation to conferences, in view of having scientific exchanges of ideas concerning the project with the scientific community of nanostructured materials. In the next periods (2006 - today) the submission of scientific papers to international journals for publication of the results obtained in the project became predominant.

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