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Promoting the integration of the gender dimension in basic research in ERA/FP7


The objective of this activity is to ensure a better integration of the gender dimension in basic life sciences research. Integration of the gender dimension for life sciences and biomedical research consists of the consideration of both sex differences and differences resulting from gender. The activity of the proposed SSA specifically aims at supporting researchers in basic/preclinical research. The integration of the genderdimension, the expertise on the subject and awareness of the genderdimension still need improvement. Biological and socio-cultural differences between women and men may result in different epidemiological patterns and effect modification of diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic interventions. Above that researchers in the life s ciences encouter a variety of problems concerning gender issues in their research. It is our purpose to develop practical tools to help the researchers to tackle the problems. Already developed good practices will be collected and disseminated. When appr opriate, new tools will be developed. An expert meeting will be organised in which experts in basic life sciences research as well as methodological experts and gender experts will be challenged to present problems they encounter and their solutions to t he issue. During the expert meeting these presentations will be discussed on the basis of realism and proportionality. The experts will be asked to cooperate to develop tools that are suited for the everyday research practice and will meet the goals as f ormulated in the science and society call FP6.

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