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System for mobile maintenance accessible in real time


The aim of the project "System for Mobile Maintenance and Accessible in Real-Time" - SMMART - is to enhance European leadership in product engineering, manufacturing and maintenance system development. The innovative approach of the SMMART consortium is based on the combination of new technology smart tags able of operating and communicating wirelessly in the harsh environment of a vehicle's propulsion unit to monitor usage and maintenance data throughout the life-cycle of critical parts and provide secure end-to-end visibility of the logistic supplychain. Business process change support will enable European companies to offer new more flexible and customised support and logistics' services for transport industry.

The consortium has 26 partners from 10 European countries. It includes industry leader's: VOLVO, TURBOMECA, EUROCOPTER, SNECMA SERVICES, THALES and SME's who contribute 38 % to the project and complement 6 research centres located in 4 countries. An End-Users Group is created with end-users representatives of the aerospace, automotive and marine sectors. They participate to general specification, project design reviews and evaluation process of the developed solutions. During the reviews the members of the End-Users Group are invited to give advice to improve the chances that the outcomes of the SMMART project are reused and become a normative solution. In the project, attention has been paid to provide the adequate integration method in order to build the integrated system prototype, with a coherent development of the following research activities: Organisation, integration and security, Operational data collection, Industrial & logistic data collection, and Improved data provision.

The project will result in European Networked Enterprises obtaining and sustaining a competitive advantage in the transport sector by being able to manage competently a range of increasingly customised products and also the added-value service content of these products.

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