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Contenu archivé le 2024-04-16

Software Certification on Program in Europe


The aim of SCOPE was to support supplier/customer relationships throughout the internal market by facilitating product certification. Product certification will assist customers in the selection of IT products and will clarify the legal position of suppliers. For this to happen, the establishment of a strengthened software assessment procedure will first be necessary.
The project is aimed at the development and promotion of software product assessment for certification. A common standard is necessary to improve the quality of software products, to offer a means of competition by allowing third party certification, and to promote the usage of best engineering practices by demonstrating their impact on quality. The results presented focus on an assessment methodology that includes proposals for standardized measurement procedures. This methodology and these procedures are being experimented on an industrial case studies, providing evidence of their technical and economic aspects. In addition the legal issues related to software and certification are being investigated. The implementation of the results and their expected impact on industry are discussed.
Its detailed goals were to:

- define procedures to evaluate software compliance with a specified set of attributes, so enabling a seal of approval to be granted
- develop new, efficient and cost-effective assessment technologies for approving the award of this seal of approval
- promote the use of modern software engineering technologies to be used during the development of the software and to contribute to the delivery of the seal.


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