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Romanian Action for Integrating, Networking and Strengthening the ERAPetru Poni Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry


The strategic objective of the RAINS project (within the function of Integrating and Strengthening the European Research Area) is to raise the RTD standards in a specific research field not only nationally, but through ongoing cooperation, partnership and sharing of scientific/technical expertise with similar institutions throughout Europe. The overall objective of RAINS is to support the integration of a leading Romanian institute - the 'Petru Poni' Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry (PPIMC) - in ERA as a centre having a critical mass enabling it to spread excellence in knowledge-based multifunctional polymeric materials. Having identified areas requiring further improvement within the PPIMC, e.g. participation in Framework Programmes, research personne l and trained administrative personnel, S&T infrastructure, RAINS is aimed at adapting the research potential of the institute to wider societal and economic needs both at regional/national and European levels; strengthening the cooperation with region al/national and European partners; increasing the competitiveness and participation in FP projects; disseminating information and facilitating communication between various scientific, educational and industrial bodies in view of full integration into the ERA; increasing the attractiveness of the research careers for young people to reduce the 'brain drain'; promoting full integration of women into the socio-professional environment.To accomplish the objectives and to ensure the long lasting of RAINS result s, a set of specific measures have been defined. They are focused on hiring and training of young researchers and administrative personnel, improving work/life conditions, upgrading/renewing the S&T equipment, fully connecting PPIMC to national RTD env ironment and to ERA through personnel exchange, disseminating information, transferring new knowledge etc.

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