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Content archived on 2024-05-29


Final Report Summary - EMCOL (Eastern Mediterranean Centre for oceanography and limnology)

The EMCOL project had the following main objectives:
1. To establish state-of-the-art laboratory and field infrastructure that will be used extensively in marine and lake studies, including natural hazards and environmental changes;
2. To develop highly qualified first- and second-generation researchers in interdisciplinary marine and lake studies at Istanbul Technical University (ITU), covering a wide range the fields such as underwater earthquake geology, tsunamis, submarine landslides, floods, climate change and environmental pollution;
3. to enhance interactions in projects and idea exchanges between ITU researchers and those in the EU countries, and
4. to encourage Turkey's trained scientists to remain in Turkey by offering desirable employment opportunities in their field of expertise.

In the first two-year period of the EMCOL project, the efforts concentrated on the development of the state-of-the-art field and laboratory infrastructure and training of the young scientists. In the final period, EMCOL project team concentrated in the various EC Framework Programmes, international collaborative and graduate student thesis projects and project proposal writing activities in line with the project objectives. In this way, EMCOL has served the needs of researchers in project activities at a full scale in the areas of natural hazards and environmental changes. With the use of the EMCOL facilities it has been possible to map active faults and submarine landslides, determine high resolution records of past earthquakes and tsunamis that are essential for earthquake and tsunami risk assessment. The same facilities have also been used for determination of the high resolution sediment records of sea-level, climate and ecological changes.

The first objective of EMCOL project was to establish state-of-the-art laboratory and field facilities that can be used extensively in research in the fields of natural hazards and environmental changes in marine and lake basins. The main facility of EMCOL in this respect is the EMCOL's core analyses laboratory housing two major pieces of equipment: the Itrax core scanner and Geotech multi sensor core logger (MSCL). These laboratory facilities, together field sampling facilities (platform and various corers) and seismic (sub-bottom) profiling equipment have already played an important role in EC Framework Programme projects.

Concerning dissemination, posters and brochures in Turkish and English were prepared starting with first year of the project. They were modified during the second year and presented and distributed in career days and national and international scientific meetings in the second and third years of the project. During the three-year duration of the project, EMCOL published 5 peer-reviewed publications, 6 books or book chapters, and a total of 46 paper presentations in 25 different meetings, presenting information on EMCOL and / or EMCOL's project results. There has been also wide media coverage on EMCOL's project activities.