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Support Tools for Process Hazard and Operability Studies


The project aims to develop a software platform specifically for supporting hazard and operability studies carried out to ensure the safe design, construction and operation of industrial processes.

The project seeks to integrate current leading-edge IT technology with a programme of developments in the necessary areas of hazard identification and analysis. The resulting software platform will give support to engineers engaged in the design of process plant and the safety assessment of their work from a safety viewpoint and supporting concurrent engineering activities.

The project will develop routes to freely access the software representations of the flowsheets which describe the process and the instrumentation which will monitor and control it, together with supporting data .

A key component of the system will be a knowledge-based hazard identification module with the capability to interrogate the associated databases in a way which facilitates concurrent engineering from the safety point of view.

An associated knowledge-based module will perform a design pre-screening function. This will ensure essential design checks have been carried out prior to any hazard assessment so as to ensure the robustness of the design under review. This module will have reference to a store of experience (design choices which have proved to be undesirable in the past and so should be avoided in the future).

The project also seeks to investigate how the use of such a tool might change the way in which hazards studies are performed, leading to a universal methodology which could form the basis of a European standard for hazards and safety analysis for industrial processes.


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