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Final Report Summary - CALM TRACKS AND ROUT (Innovation of noise barriers: improved noise abatement for motorways and railway tracks)

Noise from traffic as environmental nuisance is afflicting a growing percentage of the European population. Improved noise abatement is necessary for open country and urban settlements. Noise is the cause of mental depression and physical exhaustion of people. It is one of the biggest hazards to the human sanity in towns and country and may lead to irreversible social damages including depression, aggression and urban devastation.

The European Parliament and Council has established new standards of tolerance versus traffic noise. The new European standards require action plans on national basis including noise protection plans covering the whole country.

To meet elevated environmental standards local authorities , politicians and planners provide more and higher noise barriers. Eventually noise abatement tunnels will be necessary. Innovative noise abatement design is a challenge to town planning, road planning and relevant industry and engineers. As the acoustic performance of noise barriers is generally poor today, essential improvements of the shielding performance quality of design is urgently needed.

CALMA-TEC Lärmschutzsysteme GmbH from Mödling, Austria suggested the project CALM TRACKS & CALM ROUTES within the Sixth Framework Programme.

Basic point of departure of the CRAFT project was Lärmspoiler® as it has proved substantial better noise shielding performance compared to traditional products. The outstanding results of the CRAFT study are threefold:
a) a new high-speed approved noise protection system, valid to 300 km/h named HG-C Lärmspoiler;
b) a light weight barrier system of two layer corrugated aluminium sheets, named LB-C Lärmspoiler;
c) a new defraction device to be mounted on top of barriers, rendering better shielding effects called PIN-spoiler.

The most innovative element of the Lärmspoiler® is the special design of the refraction edge, the design and use of special shapes and materials. Another outstanding quality of Lärmspoiler® is the durability, static and dynamic performance for high speed train air shocks (5 million of 300 km/h).

New designs have been developed and prototypes have been implemented and tested with promising results in the course of the CRAFT project. Scientific research and evidence was carried out concerning absorptive performance and relevant material properties, noise recording and psycho-acoustic evaluation, vibrations and dynamic behaviour and fatigue.