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Open Process Control Unified Systems


OPUS addresses the specific control needs of the process manufacturing industries (eg power generation, chemicals, petrochemicals, steel, food and beverages). The project aims to define the key requirements of these process-control market sectors in order to maximise the exploitation of OMI technologies. In particular, OPUS will provide a list of modular macrocells and software to act as cost-effective building-blocks for advanced process-control systems.

The main objectives are to:

- understand present and future requirements in industrially specific embedded process control systems
- assess potential markets, in terms of volume and projected sales, in Europe
- evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of using OMI hardware and software products in these targeted markets
- define the main product characteristics at the levels of architecture, systems, standard macrocells and application-oriented libraries and sub systems
- prepare a plan to optimize penetration of OMI technology in the CIM sector.


Sema Group SA
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92126 Montrouge

Participants (2)

Etnoteam S.p.a.
Via Adelaide Bono Cairoli 34
20127 Milano
Ilva SpA
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