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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Advanced Deposition and Processing Tools


The overall objective of the ADAPT project is to develop a complete system solution for CVD liquid monomer handling. This will entail developing equipment for gas delivery and exhaust gas treatment, and diagnostics for monitoring gaseous species within the deposition system and at the exhaust. TEOS-based (tetra-ethyl orthosilicate) oxide deposition will be the main object of study; methods will be established for monitoring and analysing reactions in the gas phase and determining the properties of the deposited film.
A liquid dosing system was designed using an advanced flow controller and innovative delivery method ensuring fast response and repeatability. Experiments with many options for in situ monitoring have led to the selection of infrared absorption spectroscopy as the best candidate for the instrumentation. The design of a gas exhaust system with in situ control and reliable sensors was implemented taking account of the needs of the users. The system employs a combustion chamber as well as downstream scrubber, and can be supplied with a bypass absorber for safety back up. This effluent treatment system, which is capable of removing halocarbons from process exhausts, is of significant importance to the microelectronics industry which now relies on fluorine based plasma processing for its advanced technologies.
Three critical hardware items will be designed and built:

- an advanced liquid dosage system (storage tank, liquid flow controller and evaporator)
- a gas exhaust system
- an optical gas monitor for exhaust gas control.

The advanced processes and CVD tools resulting from the project will be used by the partners in their own deposition systems, and the apparatus developed will be commercialised by the participating SME from the new Bundesländer.


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