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Investigation into Greek language transliteration problems

Exploitable results

The project involved the development of advanced transliteration software for the conversion of bibliographic records into and out of the Greek character set and the promotion of wider use of consistent and reversible transliteration standards. Machine-readable records for Greek language materials exist mostly in transliterated form. Past practices in transliteration have been diverse and the use of reversible schemes limited, thus impeding the conversion and exchange of records for use in the Greek alphabet. The project is developing software to aid the conversion of bibliographic records between Green and Roman alphabet languages. The structure of the bibliographic record, the machine readable catalogue (MARC) format, and the relationship of key data elements to authority files are used to enhance the transliteration software. In the process, research was carried out on name authority issues and transliteration standards and practices. The software is designed as general purpose modules for use in a stand-alone environment but was be tested operationally by being integrated into a library system in Greece. The packages are available in electronic and paper versions. The electronic version includes core and applications software for integration into the libraries environment. With it are two guides: one for users and the other for developers wishing to integrate and utilise the software in libraries applications. Additional information is available from websites or from