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Document and Library Integration


The DALI project will develop, pilot and evaluate a service for multimedia document delivery in a distributed environment, using SR. The service will provide intelligent user support within a library based infrastructure. Authorisation and cost recovery will be supported.

The project will:

- Develop a modular software package with an "open service provider" architecture. This will enable incorporation of existing de-facto standards and international standards, trying to provide a seamless migration path between them;
- Provide an enhanced ISO SR service to access distributed catalogue information through both direct real-time searches and stored searches (SDI based);
- Provide a set of request delivery options ranging from postal to electronic document delivery using directory and e-mail service standards;
- Investigate the problems in the delivery of a pilot service from the viewpoint of both libraries and users, including copyright issues.

This multimedia document delivery service will be based on a open services architecture incorporating different protocols. The service will accommodate users with low cost hardware and network connectivity and will be presented through a familiar graphical user interface. It will support delivery direct to the desktop, via fax or using the postal service.
Impact and expected results:

DALI will provide, in three countries, a prototype SR-based search, retrieve and multimedia document delivery service, accessible by a number of communications systems and capable of accessing a number of servers, both local and remote. These servers will be maintained by European domain specialists and publishers.

The service will be focused on the domains of oceanography (marine & aquatic science and technology) but it will be possible to replicate the system in other domains.

The project will promote the positive positioning of libraries and librarians in the context of distributed delivery services and the exploitation of information highways as gateways to networked catalogues.


The main deliverable will be the prototype modular software operational at three sites in three different countries. Certain technical reports and specifications, will be restricted issue, but in the public domain will be reports on:

State-of-the-art assessments;
Network charging information;
Availability and profile of information servers;
Input to standards groups;
User operation (manuals);
Test problems and results;
Service procedures;
Impact/performance assessment;
Service promotional material;
Final report.
Technical approach :

The project will be based on the results from other projects in the same area and will, to a large extend, be based on existing software components. The challenge will be to integrate these software components and to set up an architecture where these components interwork.

The project will be divided into nine workpackages:

State-of-the-art assessment in relevant technological, library and commercial areas;
Service and system specification of both functionality - supported access methods, language support, delivery methods - and technology - authorisation and cost recovery mechanisms, user and service directory profiles;
Design and selection of software - overall design and appropriate software packages;
Implementation of subsystems;
Testing and integration;
Intra-project trials and evaluation at three sites;
Mount document catalogues;
Pilot service operation with document suppliers, service providers and end-users;
Impact assessment and dissemination of results.

Key issues :

To set up, pilot and evaluate a service for multimedia document delivery;
To integrate different systems, supporting different protocols and architectures;
To combine catalogue searches with multimedia document delivery.

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