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System for Electronic Support of Academic Material

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The project implements a client server application that enables academic libraries able to create an innovative service related to the university educational activities and designed to improve the flow of information from academic staff to the library and to the students. The application allows access in a wide area network (WAN) to the programmes of study and reading lists linked to the data and images of principally non conventional documents. The prototype was a multimedia system able to map remote data, text, images and thesaurus and to manage the communication to clients. By means of a client server engine and a programmable terminal emulator gateway it has linked the client tasks to the actual library management system and online public access catalogue (OPAC). Document availability has been managed by magneto/optic systems. The academic libraries have given their contribution in the definition of the database, in the loading process (data, text and images), in the testing phase and in the final service. The result is a commercial product that enables the academic library to broaden its service significantly. Integration of the diffuse sources and linking them to the programmes of study and the reading lists, accessible via the university network, means extension of the existing library service as well a new service concept. Additional information is available from website

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