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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Multimedia technologies for electronic newspaper


The application to be piloted is the publishing of interactive multimedia and multilingual electronic newspapers and related services. Particular areas to be addressed include:
improving methods of managing multimedia information for delivery tailored to user needs;
to improve the information transaction basis;
to define new additional services such as access to historical archives, new forms of advertising, retrieval tools, and customised electronic press releases;
user friendly delivery.

EDICHOLA exploratory action will study the feasibility of a cluster of applications, concerning with the publishing of interactive multimedia and multilingual electronic newspapers and related services. The project will address the three key parts of the information chain, that are electronic publishing, information dissemination and information retrieval.

The cluster of pilot applications will include the project of the electronic newspaper publishing system, contributing to the electronic publishing objectives, improving the methods available for publishers to manage information in order to deliver it to the users matching their requirements.

The cluster will also include the project of a communication system that will be used to distribute the interactive multimedia newspapers. This application will contribute to the information dissemination objectives, to develop methods to improve the transactional basis for obtaining information, so that the information owner and user have an economic relationship where pricing and obligations are clear and intellectual property rights are protected.

Together with the electronic newspaper, additional services will be defined. These services will be made available by the publisher to the users and they should include historical archive, new forms of advertising, full-text retrieval tools, customized electronic press release. Through these pilot applications, EDICHOLA will contribute to the information retrieval objectives, developing techniques to improve the user's ability to retrieve and display information and to make better use of available information.

The participation of two publishers, coming from different European member states and the consideration that one of them is also the coordinating partner will guarantee that the pilot applications settlement and assessment will focus attention on identifying and meeting users requirements, having constantly in mind the European scope of the project.

A special attention will be put to the development of a user friendly system, concentrating on the management of information in the form of images, sound and other non-textual representation.

The consortium includes since the beginning large and small companies, from three European countries, to foster their cooperation.

A specific deliverable, the exploitation plan, will be produced in order to strengthen the chance of success in the exploitation of the project results.

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