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The EuroSIDA Network 2005-2009. Clinical and virological outcome of patients with HIV under care in Europe


There are currently over 1½ mill people in Europe with HIV. In recent years, the epidemic has intensified in the eastern region. The prevalence of HIV will continue to increase. There are significant problems with management of this public health crisis. Available antiretroviral therapy (ART) has several limitations: unable to eradicate HIV and hence required life long, resistance, adverse effects and adherence. Access to ART varies across Europe. A large proportion of the infected persons are co-infected with chronic viral infections (Hepatitis B and C viruses), which adversely affect their prognosis. Tuberculosis will become a major issue in Eastern Europe if access to ART does not improve. Most clinical research has studied the B subtype of HIV, but the non-B subtype is increasing in prevalence.

A concerted action to study the clinical implication of these issues and provide a continued surveillance mechanism for detection of emerging problems on a European level is of critical importance. The primary objective of the study is to prospectively study demographic, clinical, therapeutic, virological and laboratory data from persons infected with HIV in Europe to determine the long-term virological, immunological and clinical outcome. A total of 16,100 patients from 90 centres in 33 European countries? 1/4 from the eastern region - will be followed. New patients will be recruited to ensure all regions of Europe are represented. By November 2009 a total of 83.000 prospective PYFU will have been collected. A central plasma repository will be used to extend studies of the viral epidemiology of HIV, measuring levels of ART drugs, and characterise hepatitis B and C viruses. Control programmes are implemented to ensure quality of the study.

The study group in the EuroSIDA 2005-2009 study has a proven record of collaboration at a high scientific level with publication of an excess of 50 peer-reviewed publications in high impact journals.

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