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in silico bio-evolutio - novel AI paradigm for molecular biology

Project description

AI-based platform to predict phage therapy effectiveness

Successful phage therapies require correct matching of a therapeutic phage to bacterial strain and rely on time-consuming manual in vitro calibrations. The EU-funded in silico bio-evolutio project aims to replace the existing procedures with an in silico process to accelerate the whole process and improve the phage therapy quality. The solution will be enabled by in silico simulations based on an AI platform. The simulations will predict selected phage efficacy against specific bacterial strains, determine the mutations that will increase phage effectiveness, and generate a report explaining the prediction results.


The success of phage therapies relies on correctly matching a therapeutic phage to bacterial strain. However calibration of therapy recipe may last for years. Presented solution enable to accelerate this by in silico simulations on AI platform for in vitro. It is able to find optimal phage that meets the phenotype imposed by the researcher, especially:
-predict given phage effectiveness against a specific bacteria strain,
-indicate mutations that increase phage effectiveness,
-generate explanations for predictions.

Currently, this process is performed by wet-lab employees (in vitro).
Replacing it with an in silico process will reduce the number 90 out of 100 experiments, significantly accelerating the process and improving phage therapy quality. At the same time, it’s the basis for modern probiotics (for microbiome modulation). At the same time, it will enable dynamically generate personalized therapies for specific patients. It is a novel endeavor in the area of molecular biology.


Net EU contribution
€ 1 692 596,00
Jurowiecka 21/9
15 101 Bialystok

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Makroregion wschodni Podlaskie Białostocki
Activity type
Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
Other funding
€ 725 399,00