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Single-Photon Light Sources for Quantum Technologies

Project description

World-first single-photon source paves the way for practical quantum technologies

Solid-state deterministic single-photon sources are expected to become the building blocks of future quantum technologies spanning from quantum communication and computing to quantum simulations, sensing and metrology. Denmark-based company Sparrow Quantum has recently introduced the world’s first single-photon chip onto the market. The new quantum chip emits high fidelity single photons with excellent quantum features. The technology builds on world-leading in-house expertise in quantum optics and nanofabrication. The aim of the EU-funded QTOOL project is to fine-tune the technology and demonstrate a set of key single-photon products. These will enable researchers active in photonic quantum technologies to conduct research faster, cheaper and more efficiently to facilitate new technologies and components.


Despite monumental advancements in IT, our computers remain very inefficient in solving many of the most crucial and complex challenges we are facing. This is the vision of Quantum Technologies and one of the most promising platforms is based on single quantum particles of light, i.e. single photons. So far, high-fidelity single-photon sources were not commercially available until Sparrow Quantum (SQ) introduced its beta-version single-photon chip – the world’s first commercially available single-photon light source. Our technology builds on world-leading in-house expertise on quantum optics and nanofabrication, and exclusively licensed patents from NBI in Copenhagen. QTOOL objective is fine-tuning and demonstrating a set of key single-photon products. They will enable researchers in Photonic Quantum Technologies to carry out their research in faster, cheaper, and better ways, and enable technologies and components that are impossible with any currently available light sources.


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