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Next-generation surgical robotics to set a new standard of care in orthopaedic surgery


Driven by a growing and aging population, demand for orthopaedic surgery is rapidly increasing. Orthopaedic surgical techniques, however, have not changed in decades and 95% of procedures are performed without technological assistance. This means that the length and outcome of a procedure is entirely dependent on the experience of the surgeon. Surgical procedures are cumbersome and costly, with conventional instrumentation providing no means to collect data from the operating room (OR) to optimise procedures or facilitate patient-specific surgical planning.

Ganymed is re-tooling orthopaedics with the next generation of surgical robotics. Our product is the first compact, ergonomic, intuitive, and cost-effective device, supporting surgeons to perform more precise and safer joint-replacement procedures. The robot introduces computer vision-driven intelligence and perception into the OR, enabling contactless localisation of the patient’s anatomy and paving the way for a data-driven OR.


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