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Sensory Endovascular Robot

Project description

A fully robotic healthcare solution for the health of patients and medical personnel

Advances in medical technologies benefit patients and physicians alike. Lithuanian Inovatyvi Medicina has made its own such contribution with a smart, sensory, teleoperated robotic system for endovascular procedures, which, although minimally invasive, still present hazards from X-ray beam exposure. The Sentante system overcomes this by allowing doctors to perform the full procedure from a different room – and someday, even from a different hospital. The EIC-funded SER project will build on this technological breakthrough to launch the world’s first fully robotic system for endovascular interventions. Sentante can offer patients better treatment, needs no additional training and guards against harmful radiation.


We have developed a smart, sensory, teleoperated robotic system for endovascular procedures – Sentante. It allows an endovascular procedure to be performed without exposure to harmful X-rays. Using a robotic system doctors may perform the full endovascular procedure from a different
room, in the future – even a different hospital. Intuitive controls and universal compatibility with marketed endovascular instruments make Sentante ideal for fast implementation into the routine clinical workflow with almost no additional training. Patients will benefit from better
treatment availability, particularly in urgent cases with no need for patient transportation from a local hospital. Hospitals will benefit from cheaper 24/7 service, the ability to retain experienced doctors, attract more patients. AI implementation and partial automatization of some of the
procedures are planned for the future.


Net EU contribution
€ 2 491 365,63
Sauletekio al 15 1
10224 Vilniaus

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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
Other funding
€ 1 067 728,12