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A new high-performance and environmentally clean engine for heat pumps, using thermo-acoustics technology


Heat pumps are the best sustainable solution for heating and cooling, but they have performance limitations and are very expensive, preventing them from having the desirable market traction.
Blue Heart Energy (BHE) has developed a disruptive patented technology, based on thermoacoustics, that significantly improves the performance of heat pumps. With our solution, heat pumps turn into flexible, silent and affordable devices. We do not use any HFC-gases and our system is adequate for both new and existing houses.
Blue Heart leverages 15+ years of R&D from TNO, a leading Dutch research organization, and has been designed in close collaboration with leading OEMs to seamlessly replace the engine of every heat pump. Our scalable B2B business model will leverage the distribution channels of heat pump manufacturers, ensuring a fast adoption by end customers and accelerating the energy transition.
BHE has a multidisciplinary team of 15 people and is led by a highly experienced management team.


Net EU contribution
€ 2 471 508,00
Bergerweg 200 Building C
1817 MN Alkmaar

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West-Nederland Noord-Holland Alkmaar en omgeving
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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
Non-EU contribution
€ 1 100 598,25