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The Envola storage heat pump enables the world’s first highly energy-efficient heating, cooling and ventilation system significantly reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in Europe.

Project description

Innovative technology for efficient heating and cooling of buildings

Residential heating and air conditioning systems are major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. To address this, the EU-funded Envola project aims to develop an innovative highly efficient and fully integrated technology for heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water provision using air heat pumps and including energy storage. The Envola system provides optimal room climate and a hot water system without circulation thus highly energy efficient. A sophisticated energy control system ensures holistic demand-oriented optimisation. The new solution allows for significant savings in CAPEX and OPEX, due to the simplicity of the system, and important reductions in energy consumption for cooling (< 50 %) and heating (< 30 %) compared to the best available products. Hence, the Envola solution is designed to represent an economically viable and sustainable solution for efficient and environmentally friendly building comfort.


The heating and cooling of buildings is one main energy consumer in Europe. Especially residential heating is the main emitter of greenhouse gases and other air pollutants and air conditioning systems heavily contribute to urban overheating. Overall, currently the heating and cooling of buildings fosters climate change and causes negative effects on public health. To face this, and to make European buildings more efficient regarding heating and cooling, Envola found the technical solution to bring air conditioning and air heat pumps to the next level of high efficiency. With our Venticer HVAC system the energy consumption can be significantly reduced by >50% for cooling and >30% for heating compared to the best products available. The new Envola heat pump technology integrates the required ventilation system in the same heat pump process. Therefore, the investment cost for this new highly efficiency technology is significantly lower than state of the art systems in daily application.


Net EU contribution
€ 2 222 675,00
89081 Ulm

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The organization defined itself as SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) at the time the Grant Agreement was signed.

Baden-Württemberg Tübingen Ulm, Stadtkreis
Activity type
Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
Total cost
€ 3 175 250,00