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Novel highly sensitive NanoWire sensors for disease biomarker analysis


Nanowire-based platforms are expected to radically impact disease diagnosis and precision medicine thanks to their high surface-area-to-footprint ratio and optical waveguiding properties. The challenge is to cost-effectively produce nanowires in a reproducible manner. At Aligned Bio, we have developed a new technology that enables, for the first time, mass- and cost-effective production of nanowire sensors. Our solution relies on three core patented technologies, which when combined, allow to produce low-cost, high-quality nanowires with controlled diameters to reproducibly enhance waveguiding properties of nanowire platforms. This unique combination of novel technologies results in enhanced biomarker detection platform devices with 20 times higher sensitivity than current solutions in the market and, crucially, at low price.
To effectively carry out the tasks needed to reach TRL9, the EIC Accelerator project is crucial to bridging the critical risk-gap.


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€ 2 315 943,88
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€ 2 315 943,88