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Final Activity Report Summary - PHYS@IHPCNRS-UMS839 (PHYS@IHP CNRS UMS839)

The purpose of this project was to provide training courses in physics to young researchers. The training courses were organised in the framework of the Institut Henri Poincaré international research programs. The main idea of these programs is to bring together physicists from various fields, stimulate on-going and future collaborations and give educational courses to the students. During the 2 years of the contract, three international programs have been organised on the following topics;
1) Quantum information, computation and complexity.
2) Gravitational waves, relativistic astrophysics and cosmology.
3) Quantum gases.

During the 2 years of the contract, 18 young researchers have been recruited for a period of three months each. The fellows were recruited by a training committee consisting of two physicists and two mathematicians and also by the organisers of the programs. (Note however that the gender balance is not very satisfactory since only four female scientists were recruited).

Each program offered a series of training courses covering the basic aspects of the field. It also offered an array of shorter courses and seminars on some of the latest developments of the field. Most of the lectures notes are still available on the IHP web site. The combination of both graduate and advanced lecture courses, seminars, workshops given by leading scientists was extremely profitable for the students.

A total of 8 publications involving the ESR have appeared and several collaborations between the students and the other participants have been initiated.