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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Chemical Looping Combustion CO2-Ready Gas Power


Chemical looping combustion (CLC) is a new, indirect combustion process with inherent separation of CO2. The CLC technology uses metal oxide particles for oxygen transfer from combustion air to fuel, thus CO2 is obtained in a separate stream without any ga s separation needed. The partners previous EU-project GRACE successfully demonstrated this new combustion technology for the first time, in more than 100 hours operation, and it was found to be one of the absolute best in the cost evaluation of CCP (CO2 C apture Project). The process features 100% CO2 capture, a highly concentrated stream of CO2 ready for sequestration, no NOx emissions, and no costs or energy penalties for gas separation. CLC uses well-established boiler technology very similar to cir culating fluidized bed boilers, which also means that costs can be assessed with great accuracy. CLC is estimated to achieve CO2 capture cost reductions of 40 to 50% compared to todays best available technology, namely post combustion amine scrubbing. Critical issues for an up-scaling of CLC to a demonstration phase of 20-50 MWe have been identified and it is the objective of the project to establish and validate solutions to these. The project will: - establish industrial-scale metal oxide particle production including availability of suitable commercial raw materials, and also investigate alternate production paths and effects of gas impurities - extend operational experience in long term tests of particles in available prototype, #gt;1000 hour s - scale up process to 100/200 kWth with advanced features, using existing CFB rig - extend and verify modelling capability for scale-up - perform process and technology scale-up to prepare for industrial 20-50 MWe demonstration unit and pro duce update of economic assessment The project will strengthen the partners world-leading position on CLC and grow European capability to deliver a leading edge CO2 capture technol

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