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Content archived on 2024-06-16

Solar-Hybrid Power and Cogeneration Plants


Dispatchable renewable power generation is usually associated with expensive storages or additional back-up systems. Solar-hybrid systems combine solar energy and fossil fuel and thus provide power reliable and, if bio-fuels are used, also 100% sustainable at zero net emissions. Systems based on gas turbines are suited for cogeneration or Combined Cycles, making them very efficient and cost effective. Main objective of SOLHYCO is to develop a highly efficient solar-hybrid microturbine (SHM) system for power and heat generation with dual solar power and fuel input. The project includes: 1. development of a prototype SHM unit based on a commercial microturbine: new combustion system for dual operation on solar power and fuel, new control system, adapted emerge ncy modes, mechanical interfaces with solar receiver 2. development of a tube receiver with innovative "profiled multi-layer (PML) tube" for outlet temperatures above 800°C at reduced receiver cost: technology development for PML tubes, evaluation of therm ohydraulic properties, receiver layout and manufacturing 3. development of a new combustion system for bio-fuel for 100% renewable operation: component design and adaptation to more corrosive bio-fuel, integration into test system 4. test and evaluation of the bio-fuel combustion system and the SHM prototype unit with new PML tube receiver at a solar tower test facility in Spain 5. conceptual layout of solar-hybrid systems: extension of layout tools to cogeneration options; evaluation of SHM cogeneration co nfigurations (heat, cooling); definition of a SHM demonstration system 6. market assessment for solar-hybrid cogeneration systems: determination of initial niche applications The consortium consists of 9 partners and includes industrial members that will b e future suppliers of components and systems. At the project end industry will be ready for a first cogeneration demonstration plant.

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