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Early market introduction of new energy technologies in liaison with science and industry


The strategic objective of EMINENT is to strengthen the European industry and policy institutions by establishing and operating a network that assesses results from science and technology research for the purpose of enhancing and accelerating the market introduction of energy technologies.

This objective of EMINENT will be met through:
-Promotion and dissemination of results of research and demonstration projects in energy technologies relevant to different regions;
-Complement and strengthen dissemination activities carried out within individual FP5 and FP6 projects;
-Combination of results from different projects and make (objective and unbiased) assessments of the technologies with the highest market potential as a basis for a thematic approach to promotion and dissemination;
-Cutting lead-time for enabling technologies by securing the right means and measures when needed;
-Bridging the gap between European R&D centres and the European energy technology industry;

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