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Art Thou Researching?


The aim of this project is to confront two apparently opposing scenarios - that the researcher is a lab-coat donning reclusive nerd living in an ivory tower, and that the artist lives a life of bohemian rules and laissez-faire attitude - with each other and against reality. Researcher's Night offers a unique opportunity to get this message across, not only to young people, but also to their parents, leaders, educators and prospective employers. This will be done through a series of activities which will be designed to be fun, targeted at as wide an audience as possible and highly visible. The theme ART Though RESEARCHING? has been chosen to also help increase the attractiveness of investment in R&D by improving the perception of the general public of Researchers though, amongst other things, the use of Art.

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Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit
Ir-razzett Tal-hursun, University Of Malta
MSD 06 Msida
Activity type
EU contribution
€ 68 377
Administrative Contact
Jesmond Xuereb (Mr.)