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Electronic Library SGML Applications

Exploitable results

A prototype end-user system is being developed to support the delivery and manipulation of full text journal articles delivered from remote stores in standard generalized markup language (SGML) format. It involves a prototype client server system; evaluation of its use and potential for new library services; provision of management and usage feedback to the supplier of the documents. The project is thus providing a test-bed for new services in libraries, advancing existing experience of working with downloaded documents, allowing access and manipulation of full-text articles while retaining their original form. The prototype provides the library community with information on the technology and end-user platform for the integration of complete documents in SGML format into library delivery systems. It enables documents delivered long distances over networks to be manipulated locally, edited and stored. Locating the server in the library effectively changes document delivery from print-and-distribute to distribute-and-print, giving powerful local facilities for document processing and access. The prototype end-user interface will be freely available, subject only to any licensing requirements for third-party products. The server and client software will be available under licence. Additional information is available from website