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Content archived on 2024-05-30

Communication of medical research through film production and wide distribution


COMED is a Support Action to communicate the results and activities of contemporary health sciences to the general public by using information from EU-funded projects. The overall aim of COMED’s innovative communication strategy is to reach the maximum number of European citizens. Ten image films dealing with the subject of ten representative EU-funded HEALTH projects will be produced and widely distributed via TV and Internet/Mobile TV. COMED’s image films will be filmed in HDTV and distributed across Europe to TV broadcasting stations for the integration into science magazines. In order to extend the target group and to maximise the number of viewers, COMED will expand the traditional distribution channel TV by distributing and presenting the films via the internet as well. The objective of this ubiquitous multimedia distribution approach is to reach young recipients and target groups of high-school students and adolescents, who frequently use these channels. The content and style of the films will also have a positive impact on the young target group’s perception of natural sciences and focus on the daily life of young researchers working in EU-funded projects. COMED will also create a Multimedia Kit for each of the ten projects. The Kit will contain the films in various formats, 3D bio-animations, the film scripts, interviews, pictures, etc. It will provide them or other media with multimedia material for the generation of news, dissemination, presentations or press articles to communicate and therewith raise public perception of EU-funded health sciences. The COMED consortium consists of two complementary partners with long-term professional experience in film production and distribution and who have successfully collaborated in the FP6 SSA APPEAR: BROADVIEW TV, an international award-winning film and Internet production company and german united distributors, one of the largest German TV distributors, acting successfully on the international TV markets.

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