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Communication of medical research through film production and wide distribution

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European scientific research now on YouTube

EU-funded media experts distributed short documentaries via the internet to raise awareness of European research.

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Typically, very little information finds its way to the public as funds are spent largely on communicating with research and funding communities to raise awareness and thus remain competitive. However, not only are EU citizens the indirect benefactors of research through the taxes they pay, they are also the direct beneficiaries of EU health research. As such, there is a need to bridge the gap between science and society. Broadview TV (BTV), an international award-winning film and internet production company, and United Docs, one of the largest German TV distributors, became partners to reach the public at large. With EU-funding of the project 'Communication of medical research through film production and wide distribution' (COMED), they produced nine short videos and a trailer about EU-funded health-related research projects. The films show interviews with researchers and patients, and provide news about the projects in non-scientific language to inform the public and enhance young people's perceptions of science. The creation of a project logo was an important marketing tool to increase recognition and awareness and it is present on all information disseminated. Partners exploited the medium most used by youth today, the internet. Videos were distributed via video-sharing portals such as YouTube, social networking services such as Facebook, podcasts, blogs, online magazines and the project website. They also distributed the videos to television broadcasters. Of course, dissemination would not have been complete without presentations at scientific conferences to raise awareness on the part of the research community and encourage more scientists to develop innovative ways of targeting the public. COMED filled an important gap between science and society, using brief and snappy videos to generate excitement and enthusiasm about the potential of scientific research on the part of the public and particularly youth. While statistics are beyond the scope of the project, there is little doubt that COMED has changed the way young people view EU medical research.

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