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Interactive satellite image server on generation image coding


The project aims to develop and test an Earth Observation (EO) information access and retrieval system.

The major objective is to allow the demonstration of high-volume, interactive data-access and data-mining services and to offer on-line and thematic data access. The project will address some of the technical constraints to the operational development of EO services. These relate to adequate information extraction tools, data availability and data delivery. In particular, the project will address the improvement of access to products and of their availability and associated delivery times. This will enable users of remote sensing products to have access via computer networks not only to catalogues, but also to the products themselves. The images will be compressed according to individual requirements. To do this the client expresses interactively a priori needs for each requested image. The server selects the appropriate features inside the image, simplifies the information outside those features and compresses the image before sending it to the client. The compressed image is then received and decompressed. The emphasis is on the expansion of the EO market to new users as well as on the improvement of existing capabilities by improving the current level of EO data usage in the supply chain comprising primary data provider, value-added supplier and end user.

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