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Acceleration of glacier wastage and sea level rise


GLASEAL will be a multidisciplinary study at Stockholm University (Department of Geography and Quaternary Geology, Tarfala Research Station). The project includes "global" components, such as change in volume of glaciers outside the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets, glacier contribution to sea level and the relation to global geodesy.

Glacier contribution to sea level rise has accelerated implying serious environmental, social and economic impacts. This has a broad impact on several global processes, including affects on Earth gravity and rotation, on land hydrology and ventilation of ocean water. The demand for new and more precise calculation of glacier impacts to these global changes has increased.

This two-year project aims at a new regional and global analysis of glacier volume change using new data sources and better understanding the processes that have led to increased glacier wastage. This study is performing new regional and global syntheses of the glacier contribution to changes in water cycle and the Earth gravity field. The new analysis is bringing a better understanding and visualization of the role of glaciers to the multidisciplinary scientific community.

Intellectual merit of the proposed research is summarized as following:
- shows the relationship between several scientific disciplines, involving glaciology within the larger family of Geoscience;
- estimates the net melt-water exchange between land and ocean due to shrinking glaciers, with application of these results to changes in Earth's water balance, gravitational and rotational fields;
- updated results serve as the necessary source of historical data for validation of model results, projection of future sea level change, interpretation of space images and other newly developed technologies;
- develop innovative methodology of glacier mass balance monitoring.

Field of science

  • /natural sciences/earth and related environmental sciences/physical geography/glaciology

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